Becoming Your Best Self

It’s really common to feel trapped in your own mind and body.

We all develop coping mechanisms to make it through life, but these patterns of thinking, feeling, and reacting become our own version of the movie Groundhog Day.

Even if you make it through one day victoriously, every day, the challenge starts over.

Waking up, every day, battling with yourself is disempowering and emotionally exhausting.

Dissolving the energetic patterns at the core of your challenges frees you to move forward as the strong, self-empowered individual you want to be.

When you reprogram your energetic imbalances, you transform your life.

Restful, relaxed woman, during energy healing session

You got to the root of stuff I’ve been working on for years and years and years.  I was trying so hard on my own, but I felt like I just couldn’t get out of it—like it had power over me, instead of me having power of myself.

I feel like I have hope again.  Like, ‘Oh my god, I have hope that this is something I can overcome.’
It feels like a new beginning.

What's Involved?

Hold second chakra and heart chakra. Connecting within. Coming home to yourself.


You and I talk about what’s coming up for you, what specific challenges you’re experiencing, and your personal aspirations around your issues.  I ask you questions for clarity and to get specific so that the session is deeply tailored to your needs.


After we connect and develop a clear intention for our work together, you hop up on my table and relax. I press or hold places on your body to bring you into a heightened state of relaxation.  In that state of relaxation, we explore what is coming up for you energetically around your issues. Then we go deeper with the energy work to unearth and dissolve old patterns at the core of your challenges.

Working the neurolymphatic reflext points
Joyous woman


Through the process, you gain clarity and a deeper connection with and understanding of yourself.  With your energy systems in alignment and harmony, you will feel:

  1. Calm
  2. Light
  3. Open
  4. Energized
  5. Lifted up

At the end of each session you also receive tools to participate in your own healing so that you are self-empowered to maintain the work we do together.

Getting Started is Easy

It begins with a free consultation.  Connect with me to kick-start your journey of personal transformation.

Make Yourself a Priority

Don’t spend another day feeling overpowered by your circumstances.